Dex Discovers His Superpower

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An Inspirational and Interactive Journal for Children with Dyslexia (Ages 5-10)

As they follow a curious dinosaur’s journey,
youngsters are presented with interactive
challenges and engaging stories.

  • Themed content to use over 25 weeks, with each week only taking 10-15 minutes to help your child stay focused
  • Clever questions aimed at enabling kids to figure out for themselves that they have many useful skills and talents
  • Immersive stories of people with dyslexia that will excite and inspire them
  • Ways to help them build resilience, create a positive view of themselves

I am so excited for your child to discover their hidden talents and increase their self-confidence!

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Add the I Am Awesome, 90-Day Empowerment Journal for Children with Dyslexia, Ages 6-12 for just $6.97 (Downloadable PDF)

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